Geneva International Flute Competition 2014

Geneva International Music Competition 2014

And so, my journey at the Geneva International Music Competition has come to an end. To be honest, I was not entirely satisfied with my second round performance. It was a strange experience because even though I could feel during the performance that I was not playing how I wanted, I seemed powerless to change. A number of factors played a role in this, both internally and externally and my job now is to make sure that they these factors won't affect me in the same way again. 
Was the competition a worthwhile experience? HELL YES!
Regardless of the result, I learnt a tremendous amount from my colleagues but more importantly, about myself (cheesy...I know, but true). I now have a clearer idea of the kind of artist that I am and want to become and the relationship between music and life.

I would also like to take this opportunity to thank the jury and the Geneva Music Competition on what I believe to have been a very fair event. The results are always debatable, such is the nature of judging art but it was refreshing to witness a competition where the jury members did not seem to be influenced by ulterior motives.
I leave without any bitterness, regret or even disappointment (surprisingly), only optimism for the future.
To my colleagues who may or may not share similar sentiments, here or otherwise, I highly recommend reading through this article.

I came across it some 10 years ago and I find it as inspirational now as ever before. I will note however that I do not share similar sentiments with Mr. Robert Dick regarding players from the French school. But beyond that, there are some choice words and wisdom to be gained.